2016: NV Man Set Up Under-Aged Rape Brothel for Muslim Men — Obama Refused to Prosecute!

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How depraved was Obama? Does not only condoning a discovered rape brothel, but refusing to prosecute the fiends behind it count as pretty depraved?

360 Daily.Net, out of Las Vegas, has the shocking story.

“On May 8, 2016,” writes 360, “acting Southern District of Nevada, acting U.S. Attorney Steven Myhre, filed, in open court, a grand jury indictment of Emile Edward Bouari for several counts of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering.”

                                       (Here is scumbag Emile Bouari)


Myhre, according to 360, had more than enough evidence to also charge Bouari with setting up what was essentially a rape brothel, providing Middle Eastern Men with 16-year-old girls while in Las Vegas.

Court records taken from a bail hearing include a recorded conversation Bouari had with undercover FBI agents in which the slimeball states that men from the land of Islamic nation of Dubai frequently traveled to Vegas for sex with the sixteen-year-olds, which is the legal age on consent in Nevada. Bouari says he was paid very well for setting up the arrangements.

According to 360, Myhre avoided pursuing the more serious charges because he was receiving a lot of pressure from Obama to waive the charges.

Bouari’s barbarity does not end at setting-up barely legal sexual trysts.

When he was not wearing the hat of a sick pimp, Bouari was also looking for people to cut the hands off of a prosecutor he had a legal feud with, while laundering money for the Islamic terrorist group Hizbollah.

It is now well known how Obama and Hizbollah were in cahoots to smuggle money, drugs and guns world wide as part of a Faustian deal our former President made with Iran, so one can guess why Bouari’s dealings with Hizbollah went nowhere.

Perhaps Obama should go somewhere? Like, maybe, Leavenworth for the rest of his miserable life!

What do you think? Does Obama NEED to be in jail?

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