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TRUMP PROPHET SPEAKS OUT once more: “HE’S no longer GOING anywhere!”

DONALD TRUMP’S WIN ON ELECTION night became not anything quick OF outstanding. In fact, there are numerous who would say it become mind-blowing. On the level of God Almighty himself intervening inside the election! In other words, this: But earlier than you start wondering we’ve gone off our rocker, permit us to introduce you to the Trump Prophet,… Read more »

Hillary Clinton’s 5 Worst Moments of 2017

Hillary Clinton had a difficult 2016 dropping a presidential election she changed into widelyexpected to win. but her 2017 was now not much higher. here are Hillary’s 5 worst moments of 2017. The “I’m Owed an Apology” excursion Maximum failed presidential applicants have managed to place on an charisma of magnanimity, gotten at the back of the brand… Read more »