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Limbaugh: reaction to Trump ‘Shithole’ comments ‘faux Rage,’ ‘Made Up’ for Cameras, Microphones

Friday on his nationally syndicated radio display, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh dismissed the response to the remarks reportedly made by President Donald Trump deeming a few nations to be “shithole countries” at some point of a assembly with a bipartisan group of congressional leaders on immigration coverage. Limbaugh called it “faux rage” and stated a… Read more »

Actress Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Trump Made Us… If I See Him once more i’m able to…’ (VIDEO)

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence said that the nation has to transport past its modernpolitical “divide and anger”. all through an interview with fashion Lawrence said that there “desires to be a bridge” among folks that fluctuate on political questions. “we will’t keep this divide and anger. There are troubles affecting us as human beings, no… Read more »

Trump Hater Protesting on throughway Sues After traffic Doesn’t stop

Anti-Trump radicals seem to be having a difficult time accepting that he’s the president… and theyapparently have a hard time information physics. A scholar in California — wherein else? — is now suing her college after she stood in trafficthroughout a protest, and become hit through a car that changed into unable to forestall. Bizarrely, the leftist student is blaming… Read more »