‘Evil Lives Among Us!’ Dana Loesch Just Proved ‘SNL’ Comedians Are Total Hypocrites

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It is truly despicable how liberals jumped on the mass shooting tragedy in Las Vegas and have been politicizing it in hopes of getting their widely rejected pet gun restriction legislation passed. The most disturbing part of this push is the help they have been getting from liberal comedians such as Jimmy Kimmel and the cast of Saturday Night Live.

National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch recently appeared on Fox & Friends and pointed out how these self-righteous comedians are both completely wrong as well as being total hypocrites when it comes to their own protection.

Said Dana to Steve Doocy on the show, “I’m not going to take any kind of firearm lecture from people who clearly don’t either own them or have never even fired them. And don’t even understand the concept of self defense either.” Responded Steve, “Something I would ask them is, what is the correct number of guns? I haven’t heard anyone say an American should only have blank number of guns or one gun or no guns. Actually, I’ve heard a lot of people say no guns.”

Dana replied about banning guns, “I’m curious to see how they would propose that to work because you would need firearms to go door-to-door in houses all over the United States to millions of Americans and confiscate said firearms. To that point, there are millions of Americans all throughout the country — some of them, yes, even own 40 firearms. And you know what? They’ve been owning these 40 firearms for decades!” She added, “And that’s the thing. Evil lives among us and I’ve said this before, it’s real. You have to deal with evil. And I certainly want to be prepared to deal with evil or with a monster with the ability to defend myself as opposed to not having that ability to defend myself!”

Loesch then brought up how Saturday Night Live  actors use armed security guards, stating, “They have the luxury of being able to tell everyone else to disarm because it’s class warfare. These individuals can afford private security. They work in a building with armed guards. And you know they wouldn’t go one single day without those armed guards.” She then asked, “Why don’t you give up the firarms that your private security is holding? You’re not being more virtuous because you’re paying someone else to carry it. You’re outsourcing it because you lack the courage of your own convictions!” Do you agree with Dana? Watch below: