Limbaugh: reaction to Trump ‘Shithole’ comments ‘faux Rage,’ ‘Made Up’ for Cameras, Microphones

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Friday on his nationally syndicated radio display, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh dismissed the response to the remarks reportedly made by President Donald Trump deeming a few nations to be “shithole countries” at some point of a assembly with a bipartisan group of congressional leaders on immigration coverage.

Limbaugh called it “faux rage” and stated a whole lot of it became an act for the cameras and microphone.

“All i will inform you is i have been there,” Limbaugh said. “i’ve been inside the midst of thosetypes of firestorms, oldsters. And i can tell you that is all fake rage. it’s far fake anger. it’s far fakeoutrage. it’s miles made up. it’s far for the cameras. It’s for the microphones. It’s for the target market. It’s based at the presumption everybody finds Trump reprehensible and always has and this is simply the final straw. and that i don’t believe those humans are truely outraged. they may be truely excited because it is yet what they agree with is some other opportunity to eliminateTrump.”

Limbaugh anticipated this will be every other failed effort to undermine the president’s credibility in the eyes of the yank people.

“They want to consult records,” he continued. “The NBC ‘get right of entry to Hollywood’ video didn’t do it. Trump’s comments whilst he announced his candidacy didn’t do it. They, to nowadays, do no longer realize why Trump is popular. They do no longer understand why Trump is elected. They think they do, and they chalk it up to, ‘There should be extra bigots in the usa than we idea. There have to be more racists in america than we concept. They’re nonetheless in a bigcountry of denial. and i think they may be turning into more and more unhinged as every day is going with the aid of that they haven’t been able to dispose of Trump.”