Read About The New Clint Eastwood Movie Which Will Definitely Provoke Radical Muslims!

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The Left is shocked and effectively activated by moderate famous people, particularly when they speak up.

This movie will portray the awfulness and disaster caused by radical Islam. Legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood has plans to concentrate his next film on a terrorist attacks that happened on a French Train in August of 2015. Eastwood intends to use this film as a tribute to the three men who prevented the terrorist from going any further.

Years ago, a violent radical Muslim terrorist boarded a train in Brussels. As the train was going to Paris, the terrorist went to the washroom and walked out waving with his AK47. Fortunately, three brave men emerged to prevent the attack.

These three courageous men are Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos, and Briton Chris Norman. The men acted quickly and stopped the terrorist before he could do unthinkable things to the people.

Hollywood is a corrupted, radical reproducing ground. The degenerate media is not satisfied with Eastwood’s objective for his next film. They think that this will only provoke even further the Muslim people.

Hollywood has always been a liberal dream world, yet eight years of the Obama Administration have surely crushed it. We have been forced to use terms like Islamophobia, and no one is able to speak freely about the dangers certain Islamic terrorist could cause to us.

It is extremely unlikely a motion picture like this should be possible without giving a Muslim man a role as the terrorist and three white men as the saints. This by itself will leave liberals in a spiral.

The motion picture will undoubtedly be sensational. We are happy that Eastwood’s motion picture will enable individuals to recognize the risk of radical Islam, so we can at last name our foes without being struck by the savage Leftists.

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