Trump Hater Protesting on throughway Sues After traffic Doesn’t stop

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Anti-Trump radicals seem to be having a difficult time accepting that he’s the president… and theyapparently have a hard time information physics.

scholar in California — wherein else? — is now suing her college after she stood in trafficthroughout a protest, and become hit through a car that changed into unable to forestall.

Bizarrely, the leftist student is blaming her college for now not preventing the very same protest she turned into part ofas though it was their responsibility to protect her from her owndecisions.

“Mariana Flores, a sophomore at (college of California-San Diego), changed into demonstrating towards Donald Trump’s victory on a hectic San Diego freeway while a car hit her,” mentioned The college repair. “The twist of fate overwhelmed her pelvis, fractured her leg, and induced othersevere accidents.”

What precisely become Flores doing when she changed into surprised by using a vehicle? It turns out she became standing in one of the busiest interstates in america.

“(D)emonstrators ended up on the I-fivea totally huge and busy eight-laned expressway that cuts via San Diego,” continued college repair.

It seemingly by no means occurred to the radical liberal that status in a parkway would possiblyhave results, and that “social justice” wouldn’t shield her from a three,000 pound metallicautomobile at highway speeds.

“Flores’ legal professional Gene Sullivan knowledgeable the united states guardian that because of the nature of her accidents, Flores’ scientific payments over the path of her lifestyles will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, so he and his patron desire that the university will providehelp in masking the fees,” the university newspaper said.

Flores and her attorney are looking to claim that even though the liberal student willingly joined within the protest, the university of California should have stopped it or by some means kept the indignant demonstrators from strolling onto a freeway.

“Sullivan informed the guardian that the university ‘deliberateorganized’ and knew the protest turned into going on for hours however did not anything to forestall it,” the campus paper elaborated. “in keeping with Sullivan, now not doing something and failing to behave is legally the equal thing as helping the protest.”

To be clean, we don’t want damage on everybody… however this is an excellent instance of howthe present day left has end up absolutely divorced from fact.

college is meant to be an area of great studyingwherein teenagers put together to be aggressive in the rapid-paced internationalalternatively, liberal campuses have becomelocations of coddling and nanny-statism, where grown ladies need babysitters to save you them from wandering onto an interstate.

reflect onconsideration on it: threeyr-olds are taught no longer to stroll into site visitors, and that making awful alternatives hurts. but the equal college students who will get hold of liberal arts tiers don’t have the experience God gave a goose.