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Trump Supporters Just Went After The ‘Dirty 30’ – Could Turn The Tide On Democrat Impeachment

The Dirty 30 thought they were safe – not anymore!

The Democrats have been scheming for months to impeach Trump. (Pelosi herself admitted they’ve been working on this for over 2 years).

Some might say it is inevitable. But those Democrats who decide to vote against Trump have something to worry about.

Despite Schiff and Nadler’s best efforts, their impeachment case is more than weak. Americans can’t see any strong evidence that Trump committed impeachable offenses).

More than that, polls are proving voters are sick of it.

Now, Republicans are letting House Democrats know that if they make the wrong move, they will pay for it.

From Politico:

Residents in 31 congressional districts are about to be inundated with millions of dollars’ worth of TV spots, Facebook ads, texts and tweets blaring that the “radical left” is trying to remove the president after a “witch hunt” — and that their Democratic representative is complicit.

Conservative organizations are blanketing those districts — which one group dubbed the “Dirty 30” — because each one voted for Trump in 2016, but later elected a Democrat in 2018.

Uh-oh! It’s no secret that there are plenty of vulnerable Democrats in the House.

They may have gained seats in 2018, but they represent districts that went for Trump in 2016.

That means there are plenty of Trump supporters that will be eager to hit the polls in 2020.

Do you think these voters will be eager to re-elect Democrats that tried to oust their president?

These are Democrats who said that Americans don’t have the right to decide who is president!

Republicans are running a tidal wave of ads in these districts, letting voters know just what their representatives are trying to do.

Thanks to historic fundraising from the GOP and Trump team, they have the money to air TV commercials, Facebook ads, texts, and tweets.

Democrats in many districts are already having a hard time explaining to voters why they chose to impeach Trump rather than work with him.

When and if Democrats pass their partisan impeachment, these reps will be in serious trouble.

I doubt many of them will have jobs after November 2020.

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