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After Impeachment Evidence Falls Apart – 3 Democrat-Ukraine Skeletons Come Tumbling Out

Pelosi and Schiff thought it would stay buried – it’s out now!

Here’s the thing about Democrats:

If they accuse you of something, it’s because they’re probably doing it themselves.

The Democrats accused Trump of pressuring Ukraine. In fact, they supposedly impeached him over his request for Ukraine to investigate his political rival.

Despite questionable evidence (and reports of testimony that cleared his name), Democrats are trying to get your elected president removed.

All because he was doing his job to investigate corruption on your behalf. I guess Democrats don’t want their dirty deeds exposed.

And Charlie Kirk tweeted out this inconvenient reminder.

From Twitter:

This is your daily reminder that:

Barack Obama asked Ukraine to investigate his political rival’s campaign manager

3 Democrat senators asked Ukraine to investigate Trump

And the DNC solicited Ukraine’s help to dig up dirt on Trump

And the media was silent about all of it

Uh-oh! Democrat tried to impeach Trump over the so-called pressuring of Ukraine.

Yet Obama asked Ukraine to investigate his political rivals’ campaign manager.

Three Democrat senators pressured Ukraine to keep investigating Trump (even threatening them if they didn’t).

Even the entire DNC tried to get Ukraine to help them dig up dirt on Trump.

All the while, the media was sweeping it under the rug. So you would only focus on Trump’s “crimes.”

Seems like the left has a long history of trying to get Ukraine to do what they want. That doesn’t even include how Biden forced them to fire a man investigating his son.

Biden even bragged about this clear abuse of power. But no investigation!

Democrats said they “had” to impeach Trump because of the overwhelming evidence.

Yet they turned a blind eye again and again when their party does much worse.

Can we really put up with this kind of nonsense for much longer?

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1 Comment

1 Comment


    December 30, 2019 at 12:53 am

    we,as Americans are fed up with the double standards that apply to the people in D.C.! if they cannot be held accountable for the crimes,YES! crimes against the taxpayers of this country,then there really is no justice system left for the millions of Americans that support this country!!Turn all the people in prisons free and put them on salary and let them make the laws of the people for a change!! STOP THE CORRUPTION IN OUR GOVERNMENT BY ANY MEANS YOU SEE FIT!!

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