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After Virginia Goes After 2nd Amendment – A Democrat Now Wants To Take Away Your Homes

First our guns – now this? No way!

Only now are Virginia residents realizing the massive mistake they made in the 2019 election.

They surrendered their liberty to a massive, Democrat majority in their state government.

Already, this liberal Gestapo is going full-steam-ahead with their radical, anti-American agenda.

We all know about how their governor is pushing gun confiscation laws. This plan would give courts the power to strip guns from residents who haven’t even committed a crime, and even throw them in jail.

But it only gets worse from here on out.

All those Virginian residents who thought they were safe in their nice, quiet, suburban homes? Far from the chaos of the big city?

Guess what, these Democrats are proposing a bill that will destroy your neighborhoods for good.

From Daily Caller:

Democrats in Virginia may override local zoning to bring high-density housing, including public housing, to every neighborhood statewide — whether residents want it or not.

The measure could quickly transform the suburban lifestyle enjoyed by millions, permitting duplexes to be built on suburban lots in neighborhoods previously consisting of quiet streets and open green spaces. Proponents of “upzoning” say the changes are necessary because suburbs are bastions of segregation and elitism, as well as bad for the environment.

Wow. This is worse than anything I’ve seen coming out of far-left San Francisco.

Democrats in Virginia want to destroy suburban neighborhoods. They want to build “high-density” housing in once quiet, safe towns.

“High-density” is code for ugly, congested apartment domiciles. The kind you see marring the skyline of countless Democrat cities.

They want to dump public housing into these neighborhoods, turning them into ghettos.

Why are they doing this? Because these left-wing socialists say that anyone who works hard to afford a nice house in a safe neighborhood is immediately racist.

Nevermind the many minority families that live in these very same neighborhoods. If you don’t live in an urban wasteland, you’re rich and elitist.

Says the hypocrites who run the government and live in gated communities.

We always say elections have consequences. Virginians turned a blind eye as the swamp took over their state.

Now, they want to ensure conservatives will never win another election, by dumping the city into small towns.

They will export their crime, poverty, and drugs into these communities. It will forever rend the fabric of their state.

And ensure toxic Democrats will win every election from now until Kingdom Come.

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