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Senate Impeachment Deadline Slips Out – They Should Be Done Before Trump’s State of the Union

Despite Nancy Pelosi’s bizarre decision, the Senate impeachment trial will happen.

She can delay sending the articles all she wants. But the Constitution dictates that a Senate trial must happen.

Pelosi claimed she was withholding the articles until she can get the Republicans to do what she wants.

Nice try, Nance. You can’t dictate how the Senate conducts its trial. And eventually, you’ll have to send the articles over.

Try explaining to your braindead base why you didn’t bother to do that? I’m sure it won’t go over well, come election time.

Now a Republican senator has set the record straight on the trial. He made it clear how fast it is going to go.

From Daily Caller:

Missouri Republican Sen. Roy Blunt said Tuesday the Senate will be done with its impeachment trial by the time President Donald Trump delivers the State of the Union speech on February 4…

The Missouri Senator also said he believes the trial will happen “quickly.”

Wow. Sen. Roy Blunt said this impeachment charade will be over before Trump gives his State of the Union address.

Blunt said that Pelosi sending the president an invitation is enough to prove this farce will be over by then.

The senator also criticized the House’s sham of an impeachment. He pointed out how Pelosi once condemned any kind of partisan impeachment.

Then she went on to back a partisan impeachment.

Blunt said that the Senate trial will happen quickly. We know that Mitch McConnell is already working on what will take place.

Trump’s legal team is more than ready to take the stand.

We are going to see real justice finally done. The president will be able to defend himself, exposing the left’s pathetic scheme.

Once it blows over, the president will give what will most likely be one of the greatest State of the Union addresses we’ll ever hear.

Are you ready for it? Because I am.

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