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Democrats Speed Towards Contested Convention – And That Would Give Trump A 2020 Lock

Democrats are in a pickle, wouldn’t you say?

They know that whoever wins their 2020 primary, has to go up against Donald Trump.

President Trump has a stellar record, despite overwhelming opposition and fake news.

Democrats seem pretty worried about finding someone that can beat him. They started with over 20 candidates. And even today, with the first primary vote in less than a month, there is no real frontrunner.

Biden is hardly their top contender, with several others close behind.

It’s possible we could have a contested convention, the first in a long while.

And that has huge implications for the 2020 race!

From Real Clear Politics:

While it is not likely the 2020 Democratic nomination will be brokered in a backroom – rule changes have made that more difficult – it is possible that the convention could be contested, which means it would require more than one ballot to select a nominee…

Despite forces working against it, a contested convention with multiple ballots is possible. While such a thing hasn’t happened since 1952, unique circumstances surrounding this election have increased the odds.

According to some reports, the weak 2020 field might lead to a contested Democrat convention. Meaning, the party is unable to decide on a clear candidate.

That’s pretty bad because, according to history, it spells the left’s doom.

The last few times Democrats faced even the rumor of a contested convention, they lost big time.

That includes George McGovern, Jimmy Carter (who lost re-election to Reagan), and Walter Mondale.

Today, we don’t see a single clear “winner” among the left’s 2020 candidates. Biden, Warren, Sanders, and even Buttigieg struggle to come out on top.

Does this mean the party will be split come convention time? Will they be able to settle on a single candidate?

Will that candidate stand a chance against Donald Trump? I think you know the answer to that.

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