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After GOP Senator Collins Turns On Trump – Her Approval Rating Takes A Turn

Democrats have made it their goal to remove Trump from office. It’s up to Republican senators to protect our democracy and defend the president.

After a mockery of an investigation in the House, Senate Republicans must hold a fair, legitimate trial.

But there are a few Republicans in the Senate who still refuse to get behind President Trump.

After all the good he’s done for conservatives, these wishy-washy politicians seem more interested in helping Democrats.

Among them are Susan Collins, who voiced her support for calling in witnesses during the Senate trial. This is exactly what Democrats want, to drag out this process and get more partisans to throw Trump under the bus.

But now a poll has come out, showing Collins the error of her ways.

From The Hill:

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), who has come under mounting pressure as President Trump’s impeachment trial starts, is now the Senate’s most unpopular member, displacing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in the rankings, according to a new tracking poll…

[It’s] a sign of the intense fire she has taken from critics since the House launched its impeachment inquiry.

Ouch. According to this new poll, Sen. Susan Collins is the least popular member of the Senate.

Her approval has been dropping since September. Hmm… what happened around that time? Oh, Democrats launched their bogus impeachment push.

That would have been the first time Republicans started coming out against it. Senators like Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz frequently criticized the House’s sham impeachment.

Where was Susan? Where was her criticism of the opposing party’s destructive agenda?

I didn’t hear much from her, did you?

And now, with the Senate trial looming, the woman continues to show more support for the crooked Democrats than for her own president.

Will the Democrats be there for her in November? Will they help her win re-election? Or will they swoop in and steal her seat with a candidate of their own?

You know the answer. Collins will gain nothing by helping the Democrats slander the president. She will lose her seat.

Worse, she will help the left undermine Trump’s America first agenda. Is that worth it, Collins?

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