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After Pelosi Claims Trump’s Impeachment Is ‘Forever’ – GOP Plans To Delete It From The Record

Nancy Pelosi must be pretty frustrated after watching the Senate destroy her impeachment of Donald Trump.

After all those months of work, the Republican-controlled Senate quickly cleared Trump of all charges.

Yet after all that, Pelosi continues to say that Trump is “impeached forever.” She repeated that phrase just this morning.

(Maybe it’s some kind of mantra she chants to herself while doing yoga?)

She means, of course, that her impeachment will forever be a stain on Trump’s presidency.

But Kevin McCarthy has some bad news for her.

From Western Journal:

In an interview with the New York Post on Wednesday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, vowed that his party would expunge Trump’s impeachment were they to retake the lower chamber…

“I don’t think it should stay on the books,” he said.

Woah. In a recent interview, McCarthy said that if the Republicans take back the House in 2020, they will vote to remove Trump’s impeachment from the books.

Meaning, they’ll strike it from ever happening.

McCarthy called House Democrats’ impeachment of Trump the “fastest, weakest, most political” act in history. He said he doesn’t even want it on the books.

This is a very likely outcome. We know that hundreds of fresh young GOP candidates are gunning for House seats. More Republicans are running than in 2010, the last time they flipped it.

Pelosi should be concerned about McCarthy right about now. He’s gearing up a powerful movement to take back the House and take her Speakership crown.

And then he wants to erase the one victory and legacy she had during the Trump presidency.

Which, by the way, would make Trump the only president to be cleared of impeachment on all counts.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

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