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Congressman Zeldin Tells Pelosi To Step Down – If She Doesn’t, Then The American People Will Make Her, He Says

I think you’ll agree that Nancy Pelosi might be passed her prime.

We’ve seen the woman do things nobody thought she would dare, pressured by the left wing of her party. She flip-flopped on her stance on impeachment.

She pushed a partisan impeachment scheme. She sat on the articles. She tried to delegitimize the Senate acquittal.

This week, she watched her plan to remove Trump fail.

To top it all off, she stood behind the president after his historic speech and literally ripped it to shreds. The entire country watched the “leader” of the Democrats act like a child.

Plenty of people want the woman to apologize. Others want her censured and to face ethics charges.

But Congressman Zeldin has another idea. He wants her to step down as Speaker.

If she doesn’t do it now, it might happen no matter what.

From Twitter:

Nancy Pelosi should step down as Speaker. I’m confident that the American public will be directly sending her that message themselves later this year if she doesn’t read the tea leaves herself and resign on her own terms today. It’s time.

Zeldin called on Pelosi to step down as Speaker. If she doesn’t do it today, he says he’s confident the American public will do it for her.

How? It’s pretty obvious. When Americans flock the polls in November, we can decide the fate of the House.

If Republicans and Trump supporters go all out, we can give the party a majority. With the House flipped back to the GOP, Pelosi will lose her job of Speaker.

Kevin McCarthy will become the new Speaker of the House. And Nance will be the first woman in history to have lost the seat twice.

To avoid that kind of embarrassment, Pelosi can follow Zeldin’s advice. If she stepped down now, perhaps she could save a little bit of face.

But will a woman like that be smart enough to do it? She openly insulted our traditions by ripping up the State of the Union.

Shouldn’t there be consequences for that?

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