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Bloomberg Could Be In Deep 2020 Trouble – ‘Little Mike’s’ Mayor Closet Swings Wide Open

With Joe Biden fading, Mike Bloomberg is climbing fast in the primary polls.

Not a surprise. Bloomberg made ads that are airing all over the country (costing him hundreds of millions of dollars). He might be the only “moderate” candidate that can challenge socialist Bernie Sanders.

But can he beat Donald Trump?

Maybe some people think Bloomberg can grab back those Democrats on the fence—and a few moderate Republicans.

Not so fast! Audio has emerged from 2015 that reveal Bloomberg’s true feelings on “minority neighborhoods.”

From Fox News:

A newly surfaced recording from a 2015 speech by Michael Bloomberg, in which the former three-term mayor of New York City gives a full-throated defense of the controversial policing procedure known as “stop and frisk”…

“And the way you get the guns out of the kids’ hands is to throw them up against the wall and frisk them.”

Yikes. Let’s try to break this down. In 2015 Bloomberg endorsed his controversial “stop-and-frisk” policy.

(A policy these days he’s trying to distance himself from.)

In the speech, he discusses spending lots of money sending cops into “minority neighborhoods” because he says that’s where most of the crime happens.

Not too bad on the surface, right? He wants to help minority communities fight crime. But this is what he goes on to say.

Bloomberg endorses what some might call profiling, by saying cops should keep an eye on young, minority men. He even encourages cops to “throw them up against the wall” to frisk them for guns or drugs.

Ouch. Even conservatives can’t get behind that kind of thinking. Why should a young black or Latino man being harassed by a cop—for doing nothing?

Republicans are often accused of being racially insensitive, but you’ve never heard Trump suggest a policy like this!

Now imagine how the “woke” wing of the Democratic Party will think of this audio?

Bloomberg is supporting the kind of treatment of minorities social justice warriors have been fighting for years.

He can’t claim this is from a long time ago—it was only five years ago. Bloomberg said this after he left office in New York and after he left the Republican Party.

Something tells me he’s going to need to do a lot more than apologize to win these voters back.

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