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Before 2nd Democrat Impeachment Begins – Senators Are Trying To Change The Rules For Witnesses

The Senate acquitted Trump of the House’s impeachment charges. That should be the end, right?

Well, wrong, apparently. Some Democrats have said they might want to impeach Trump all over again.

Maxine Waters would like that. Pelosi did say Trump was “impeached forever.”

One wonders what kind of “evidence” they will try to come up with to justify putting America through all that again.

(You’re trying our patience, Democrats. How about just doing your jobs?)

But before anything happens, it looks like two Democrats are trying to change the rules so the next impeachment goes their way.

From The Hill:

A pair of Senate Democrats want to change the chamber’s rules for an impeachment trial to allow both sides to request that witnesses and documents be subpoenaed…

Under the proposed rules change, if the presiding officer – the chief justice – decides the request is “material and relevant to the impeachment trial and not redundant” the subpoena would then be issued.

Two Senate Democrats want to change the trial rules so that witnesses and documents can be easily introduced.

You might remember all the drama that occurred during the Senate trial. Democrats wanted to introduce new witnesses (like John Bolton) and documents—even though that was supposed to happen during the House inquiry.

It’s called an inquiry for a reason. The House is supposed to find evidence that proves if a president committed impeachable offenses.

If there’s enough evidence, then they vote to impeach. The Senate trial, much like any trial in a court, is not the time to reopen an investigation.

It seems like these Democrats want to make it easy to turn impeachment into a circus.

Our founders set these rules so a party couldn’t abuse the system against a president.

But we’ve seen what the Democrats have been doing ever since Trump entered office. They want him gone, come hell or high water.

It doesn’t seem like they care about the Constitution, or upholding our democracy.

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