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Trump Gets Sanctuary Governor To Cave – New York Is Going To Give Up Their DMV Database

New York State played chicken with Donald Trump—and guess who won?

The state passed a law that gives driver’s licenses to undocumented aliens. You can imagine why.

But federal law requires they pass along information about criminals to the federal government. We wouldn’t want to be handing out IDs to known, dangerous felons, would we?

Gov. Cuomo approved a law that denied the government this vital information. So, Trump’s dropped a hammer on the entire state.

Now, it looks like Cuomo is changing his tune.

From Western Journal:

“I will give them the DMV database for Trusted Traveler. These are people who go for an in-person federal interview with all sorts of background information,” Cuomo said.

Of course, Cuomo alone can’t take action to provide the feds with the DMV database.

He would need the state legislature’s support, though it’s not hard to imagine Democratic lawmakers would fall in line behind him.

Well, look at that! After Trump’s administration planned on denying New Yorkers access to the Trusted Traveler program. That would not make actual New Yorkers (i.e.: voters) happy with Mr. Cuomo.

So, the governor seems to be caving, being willing to meet with Trump. According to what he’s said, he is going to give the feds access to their DMV database.

This is only fair. If Cuomo wants New Yorkers to enroll in this program, then the federal government has to be able to vet their information.

But the “Green Light” law specifically denied federal agencies access to the state’s information.

Which would have made it impossible for law-abiding New Yorkers to enroll in these travel programs.

Was that worth it, Cuomo? Prevent Americans from participating in federal programs, just to help “undocumenteds”?

This means New York is going to have a hard time extending its sanctuary policies. Any non-citizen who tries to get a driver’s license is subject to federal scrutiny.

Hmm… I wonder how many of them will like that idea?

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