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After Virginia House Passes Gun Control – Now They’re Trying To Take Away Citizen’s 2020 Electoral College Vote

Democrats in VA are going way off the rails. It seems they consider California to be their role model for every last policy.

The Virginia House of Delegates was up past midnight pushing through radical legislation. They backed gun control, more casinos, higher minimum wages, and much more.

And now many conservatives think they are using their majority to try to steal 2020 from President Trump.

They are backing a movement that would essentially rob Virginia of its voting power, giving more power to big liberal states like New York and California.

From Daily Wire:

The state House of Delegates voted on Tuesday to place Virginia in the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which would cede participating states’ electoral votes to the national popular vote winner, regardless of who the people of Virginia voted for.

Wow. This is too far!

Virginia Democrats voted to join a pact that would give their electoral votes to the national popular winner.

Which means, Virginia voters will have much less of a say in presidential elections, other than the overall votes they contribute, which is not a lot. It’s obvious that states with heavily-populated urban centers will sway the election in a massive way.

This is why we have an electoral college in the first place, to protect the votes of smaller states. But Virginia Democrats, seemingly in a desperate play to try and beat Donald Trump, want to basically rob their own citizens of this fundamental right to electoral styled voting.

Before you get too worried, keep in mind, this compact will not pass unless many more states vote for it.

In fact, it would require states that voted for Trump in 2016 to sign on. Something tells me that won’t happen.

Then why did Virginia do it? Likely because they think it will help the 2020 Democrat candidate for President.

After all, they spent all their goodwill on a flurry of gun control laws. It pushed large amounts of the state to be declare themselves 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries, just because they believe in the Constitution’s right to bear arms.

I’d like to see these Democrats explain why their radical policies should be upheld by the voters.

This kind of decision-making will lead to a one-term majority, don’t ya think?

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