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After Man Complains About Neighbor’s Trump Flag – He Gets Even By Decking Out His House In Flags

Don’t you love it when people show off their pride in the United States? We do too.

I’m especially impressed when Americans fight back against far-left snowflakes and show their pride and admiration for our president, Donald Trump.

Make no mistake, the media and liberals want you to be too scared to show your support for the president.

They spread stories about kids getting attacked for wearing MAGA hats—to discourage you from doing the same.

One man just remodeled his house, putting a Trump flag in the front window. A neighbor responded by saying it made his home “disgusting.”

How neighborly, right?

Guess how this patriot responded?

From Twitter:

This guy’s GREAT!

A homeowner just remodeled and had one Trump flag in his window.

A neighbor sent him a letter saying: “your house is beautiful, we love the remodel but that Trump flag you have in your window makes the house disgusting.”

Watch how he retaliated!

BOOM! After a neighbor sent him a nasty note, this American adorned his home with Trump banners and flags!

I don’t think he missed a single inch of space to show his MAGA pride.

I guess that nasty neighbor will think twice about complaining next time!

Sure, we might not all have the time and space to show off our Trump pride like this family, but don’t we want to!?

This is a powerful reminder that we can’t let bitter anti-Trumpers discourage us from celebrating the many victories of the Trump administration.

They say the last three years have been terrible. They moan and complain at work and criticize anyone “stupid” enough to support the president.

But they’re as wrong as a miniskirt in Siberia. We have every right to show them just how we feel.

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