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Watchdog Group Sideswipes Democrat Madeleine Dean – Accused of Ethics Violation For Misusing Campaign Funds

Democrats often complain about too much money in politics. They say we need to use tax dollars to fund campaigns, instead of private contributions.

Terrible idea. I don’t want my money being used to help Democrats air attack ads.

Yet despite all their talk, Democrats are the ones apparently misusing campaign funds.

Recently, we learned about ethics complaints filed against three Democrats in Congress.

Now, another Democrat—a close buddy to Obama—could be in deep trouble.

From Breitbart:

Nonpartisan ethics watchdog Americans for Public Trust (APT) filed a complaint against Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA), contending that the Pennsylvania Democrat allegedly violated federal election law and House ethics rules by using donations for a state race for her congressional race, which reportedly violates FEC contribution rules.

Uh-oh. A watchdog group is hitting Madeleine Dean with ethics violations. They say she violated federal election law and House ethics rules by using donations from her state race for her congressional race.

Campaign finance laws are strict for a reason. You can imagine the chaos that would ensure if there weren’t tight guidelines for how politicians used this money.

You can take money meant for one race and use it for another. People donated that money for a specific purpose. It’s not your personal funds—and the law forbids it.

It seems this Democrat didn’t want to go to all the trouble of raising money for her other campaign. That state race money was just sitting there, doing nothing!

Why not use it?

This Democrat also got an endorsement from Barack Obama, who praised the woman for teaching “ethics in college.”

Ouch. Did Obama know about what she was up to? Or did he not care? Either way, this doesn’t look good.

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