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Al Sharpton Could Be In Deep Trouble – His 16-Year Old Presidential Campaign Closet Swings Open

Remember when Reverend Al Sharpton ran for president? Probably not, because it was over sixteen years ago.

The man, considered a radical by some, never really had a chance. But he’s continued to pop up in the media, mostly to push his political views.

Even though he’s gone on to earn a nice salary from his non-profit, he left a big hole of debt.

Apparently, just last year, he made a mint from his non-profit.

But his campaign is still on the hook… for a big sum.

From New York Post:

The Rev. Al Sharpton’s failed 2004 presidential campaign still owes more than $900,000. The unpaid debt of his committee, “Sharpton 2004,” has remained unchanged for a decade, according to its most recent FEC filing in March 2019…

In addition to a lucrative hosting gig on MSNBC, Sharpton raked in cash helming his influential nonprofit National Action Network. In 2018, he pocketed more than a million dollars from the charity.

Wow. Al Sharpton’s 2004 (losing) campaign for president still has to pay back more than $900,000.

According to the FEC, it’s common from campaigns to have debt. But they need to file a debt-settlement plan with the organization.

They can’t just not pay it, right?

Apparently, Sharpton hasn’t faced any penalties, because technically he doesn’t personally owe a thing. His defunct campaign does.

That means his treasurer, Andrew Rivera, is the one legally responsible.

Dumping your problems on someone else. Sounds like a Democrat, alright!

It’s pretty incredible to think that the reverend would ignore that kind of debt for so long. And, worse, to let his former ally swing in the wind over it.

Couldn’t he donate just a portion of his millions to cover the debt?

$900,000 might sound like a lot to you and me, but a man like Sharpton—whose been in the public eye for decades—can manage.

If he doesn’t, shouldn’t he face some kind of penalty? Shouldn’t the law apply to everyone, even liberals?

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