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Rashida Tlaib Loses Her Cool In Congress – Video Catches Squad Member Accusing Census Director Of “Erasing Us”

It’s no secret that Democrats love to make a big deal out of small issues. They like to call them “microtransgressions.”

They complain about this stuff while their big cities are overrun with homelessness and crime.

Case in point: squad member Rashida Tlaib. This is that charming woman who is known for storming out of Trump’s State of the Union because he mentioned Brett Kavanaugh.

Seems she’s getting worse, though—she couldn’t hide her anger over what many would call a conspiracy theory.

From Washington Examiner:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib accused Census Bureau Director Steven Dillingham of “erasing” people of Middle Eastern descent during a House of Representatives Oversight and Reform Committee meeting…

Dillingham began to explain that there is a write-in option on the census to compensate for people who don’t feel a category accurately depicts their background. Tlaib cut him off and said that “circling white” on the census changed her “lived experience as a person of color” in the United States.

Yep, that’s Tlaib alright. The Democrat lost her temper when complaining that the 2020 census does not have an option for “Middle Easterner.”

Steven Dillingham tried to explain to the woman that every census form has a write-in option. Unwilling to accept the reasonable answer, she threw a tantrum.

She ignored his response, as most liberals do, to continue to complain about nothing.

We shouldn’t be surprised by this behavior. As the Democratic Party declines, people like the Squad take over.

Tlaib is supposed to be a professional leader. Instead, it looks like she would prefer to act like a spoiled child.

Hmm… something tells me the many Middle Eastern Americans won’t like being portrayed this way. She is a representative of women and Middle Easterners.

Do you think she’s representing them well?

Instead of taking care of their cities, they would rather waste time complaining about a form.

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