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After 15 Challengers Go After AOC – She Scrambles To Activate Her Democrat ‘Turnout Machine’

Poor ol’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The media had such high hopes for her.

But after one year in office, she is facing a big problem.

Turns out, Americans (even liberal New Yorkers) don’t really want the Green New Deal—a costly plan that could cripple our country.

Now, AOC is having to contend with over a dozen primary challengers. That’s pretty bad.

Incumbents used to be able to count on support from their own party. Not anymore.

If the lady wants to keep her seat, she’ll have to perform an impressive feat.

From Fox News:

No fewer than 12 Democrats have filed in the district to run against Ocasio-Cortez in the primary election on June 23, according to radio station WINS of New York City. In addition, at least three Republicans will vie for a chance to ultimately win the seat.

…the far-left freshman congresswoman told supporters she wanted to see voter turnout in New York’s 14th Congressional District increase by “four times” over her previous run in 2018…

“We want to secure 60,000 votes in the primary election. We need to start creating a turnout machine right now.”

AOC tried to rally her supporters, demanding at least 60,000 votes in the primary election. In order to do this feat, she wants a “turnout machine.”

That’s all well and good, AOC, but how ya going to do it? Oh, maybe this is why she’s been refusing to contribute her fair share to the party?

Gotta hold onto as much money as possible, if you want to create a turnout machine.

Personally, I think AOC is kidding herself. She is admitting she needs an unprecedented number of voters to show up for the primary race.

Yet she is tanking within her district. Remember, AOC cost her borough a billion dollars and thousands of jobs.

And here she is demanding that her supporters create a turnout machine for her.

Are all socialists living in a dream world? The fact that so many other Democrats are fighting for her seat should tell you something about her chances.

There seems to be a growing wave of support to take her out of office and replace her with a moderate candidate.

And the wave is coming from her own party!

There just might be a turnout machine, lady—for the other candidates.

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