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Hours Before Democrat Debate In Vegas – Trump Supporters Release A Flock of MAGA Hat-Wearing Pigeons

The media has told us that the Democratic debates are soooo important.

Every major network airs them, but most of America is tuning them right out. Liberals seem to have forgotten who America is rooting for.

Perhaps Democrats need a reminder of who it is we’re rooting for? And tweeting to them just won’t do.

So, a group of supporters found another brilliant way to show Democrats whose side we’re on.

Oddly enough, it also involved tweeting. The real kind.

From the New York Post:

A flock of pigeons wearing tiny “Make America Great Again” hats was released in Sin City by a group of Trump boosters on the eve of the Democratic debate, according to a report Wednesday…

Oh c’mon – that’s just perfect!

A group of activists placed tiny MAGA hats on pigeons, and they released the flock in Las Vegas to coincide with the Democratic debate.

I mean, even pigeons look better wearing MAGA hats! Those guys look awesome – and patriotic.

The left seems to think we can’t get enough of these stuffed shirts and their bad ideas for American.

What number debate is this? I lost track after five. Can’t Democrats make up their mind, by now?

Millions of Americans have: we’re on board for Trump’s second term.

The media has tried to ignore us, insult us, marginalize us, or write us off. They seem to believe the only people who matter in this country have D at the end of their name.

But this group has found a clever way to let the liberals of Las Vegas know—Trump supporters aren’t going anywhere.

Kind of fitting, if you think about it. Because of Trump’s policies, America is soaring to new heights. Who knows how high we’ll soar, in his next term?

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