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After Trump Maxes Out Colorado Rally – Photo Captures Overflow Crowd Looking Larger Than Stadium

You’d think after all this time, we’d get bored of the big crowds at Trump rallies. Think again!

The president is used to attracting big numbers at his events. But, recently, something seems to have changed.

I think it has something to do with the impeachment. Americans watched as Democrats openly tried to destroy our democracy by removing our president from office.

That was a big wake up call for many. Now, Trump is attracting big numbers in Democrat states. In fact, so many people show up, they can’t fit them in.

Last night he hosted a wild rally in Colorado. We talked about how so many braved the cold to wait in line.

But even when many were not able to get inside, they braved that cold some more in the overflow.

Just how many did that? Take a look.

From Twitter:

Overflow crowd outside #TrumpRallyColoradoSprings

Maximize that photo. These are the people who could not get into the stadium. You’d think they’d just go home and watch the rally on TV.

Nope! They came all that way, endured the cold. They were not going to miss out on this historic moment.

And why shouldn’t they? These are tough, hard-working Colorado residents. They weren’t going to let low temperatures stop them from hearing from President Trump.

Keep in mind, these turnouts are from states he lost in 2016. Americans who weren’t sure about him four years ago and now lining up in droves to see him.

Why? Well, you know why. Trump is the first president in a long time to make good on his word. He’s been fighting to drain the swamp and make America great again.

Meanwhile, all the Democrats have done since 2016 has been to obstruct his progress. They haven’t once tried to cooperate with the president for the good of the American people.

Add to that the fact that every last one of their candidates wants to reverse the economic success we’ve been enjoying recently.

Yeah, these crowds should come as no surprise. Imagine how big the turnout will be on November 3?

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