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President Trump Calls Out Democrats Setting Him Up – Says Democrats Claim Russia Prefers Donald For 2020

We’ve watched as the Democrats failed with one attack against the president after another.

The attacks started before he was even elected. But after he entered office, the Democrats used the liberal media to spread one rumor after another.

How many have there been? I honestly lost count. It seems with each new day, the left comes up with another “bombshell” that is supposed to doom Trump.

But even when they impeached the man, they failed. You’d think by now, they’d get tired of losing. Just stop this pathetic fighting and actually try working with the man for a change.

Yeah, that’s a nice pipe dream.

A new “setup” is coming from the Democrats. And the president himself is exposing this nonsense.

From Twitter:










Another misinformation campaign is being launched by Democrats in Congress saying that Russia prefers me to any of the Do Nothing Democrat candidates who still have been unable to, after two weeks, count their votes in Iowa. Hoax number 7!

Yeah okay, Democrats! Trump called out a new “story” about how Russian President Putin wants Trump to win re-election over the Democrat candidates.

Really? You’re still on Russia, Democrats? Hasn’t that lie been put to bed by now? No one has proven Trump did colluded with Russia in 2016.

Even biased investigator Robert Mueller said actionable evidence is not there. Yet Democrats still push it, as if they keep saying it we’ll have to believe it.

Yeah right, clowns. I’d say “nice try,” but you’re not even trying anymore.

Why would the Russians want Trump, over a renowned socialist like Bernie Sanders? A man who literally honeymooned in Soviet Russia??

And breaking reports are showing that Russia may be trying to help Bernie Sanders, in fact.

Come on, you’re going to have to do better than that, Democrats.

How about nominating a candidate that can actually win by promising to put Americans first? Instead of manufacturing more rumors?

Sounds like smart advice, right? But do you think the left will do that? Will they ever wake up and start prioritizing folks like you and me?

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