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Schiff’s Impeachment Witness Just Cashed In – It Looks Like She’s Getting A 7-Figure Book Deal

Remember of those government officials looking to impeach Trump and get him removed?

They swore an oath to serve the president. Then, they went before House Democrats to accuse him of breaking the law.

But they had to do it–because it was their “duty,” right? They weren’t out for profit. At least that’s what the media wanted us to believe.

Well, it looks like one of Schiff’s impeachment witnesses is getting a big payday for throwing the president under the bus.

From Biz Pac Review:

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), a Boston-based publisher, confirmed on Friday in a news release that it acquired [former diplomat Marie] Yovanovitch’s planned memoir. Two people familiar with the deal told the Associated Press that it will be worth “seven figures.”

Former diplomat Yovanovitch signed a big book deals apparently worth “seven figures.”

You might remember her as a little-known government official, who got fired by the president.

She then went on to claim, without evidence, that Trump was guilty of crimes leading to impeachment.

Like all the other “witnesses” the House brought up, she did not provide evidence to prove her claims.

She simply gave her opinion—while trying to appear like a victim of Trump’s mean tweets.

What does that get you? Apparently a big book deal.

The corrupt, insider establishment takes care of its own. And if someone is willing to turn on someone they hate, like the president, they can cash in big time.

But does Houghton Mifflin Harcourt really think Yovanovitch’s memoir is going to sell like hotcakes?

Are there millions of eager readers ready to buy the book of a woman who betrayed the White House?

Or is this just a payoff, a show of thanks for her actions during impeachment?

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