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Hillary Epstein Float Rolls Down Mardi Gras – Sends The Clintons Scrambling

Remember Jeffrey Epstein? That notorious billionaire quickly disappeared from the news after his untimely end.

The man was about to face the consequences of his actions. Perhaps his trial would have brought some real justice–something many wanted.

But, just like that, he met his Maker. Funny, that convenient timing, eh?

Many people question the nature of Epstein’s departure. Even some experts say the man himself wasn’t behind it.

Plenty of people have floated around several theories. One creative float maker decided to show off his theory during Mardi Gras.

I’m sure plenty of folks would approve.

Yikes. That might be the first time a party float was more honest than the mainstream media!

A clever float designer crafted a Mardi Gras float that featured Jeffrey Epstein. Behind him is Hillary Clinton.

Let’s just say she isn’t giving him a shoulder rub!

Come on, who really believes the official story of Epstein’s demise? The circumstances raise far too many questions.

But who knows what really happened? It seems like events were orchestrated so there was no evidence, not even surveillance footage.

Nobody can blame anyone, honestly. But something tells me this float will give Hillary a dozy of a headache.

Maybe keep her up at night.

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