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Trump Drops Lawsuit On New York Times – Donald Accuses ‘The Gray Lady’ Of Libel For Russia Story

For over four years, we’ve had to sit back and watch the mainstream media go after Donald Trump for everything under the sun.

Apparently Trump is Enemy Number One to them—their coverage is 95% negative!

It seems like they think they can get away with smearing him, his family, and his supporters. These media giants think that they’ll just get a pass, no matter what they say.

But the president just rocked their boat. They might think twice about what they say now!

From Reuters:

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign said on Wednesday it filed a libel suit against the New York Times accusing the newspaper of intentionally publishing a false opinion article related to Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

Woah—this is a big deal!

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign just filed a libel suit against the once-respected New York Times.

They say the times intentionally published a “false” opinion article, saying Trump worked with Russia to beat Hillary in 2016.

Most liberal outlets published one story or another, suggesting Trump was benefited by “Russian interference” in 2016.

But Robert Mueller himself, after leading a 2+ yearlong investigation, found that Trump did not work with Russia.

Around the same time Mueller revealed his findings, the New York Times published the piece: “The Real Trump-Russia Quid Pro Quo.” In it, they claimed Trump made a deal with Russia to take down Clinton.

Why would a “newspaper of record” publish an opinion piece making such a bold claim?

Even after the DOJ laid out how Trump did not collude with Russia?

Perhaps the New York Times thought they could publish any old thing—whether true or not—and get away with it?

Newspapers and media outlets often hide behind the First Amendment. But they are legally vulnerable if what they publish can be proven false.

So Trump’s campaign is going to have to prove that this article was clearly false and it hurt the presidency. Something tells me that won’t be too hard to do.

The bigger question: will the rest of the media wake up? Will this lawsuit teach them to spot spreading such negative coverage against the president?

Or will they go out of business first?

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