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Baltimore Democrat Ex-Mayor Sentenced – She’s Going To Serve Plenty Of Hard Time

We have kept you up-to-date over the shocking case of a former big-city Democrat.

Catherine Pugh was the mayor of Baltimore. Until that is, she was exposed for a scheme surrounding her children’s book.

Apparently, the woman gave government contracts to companies that bought her book.

She was convicted of various charges, mostly of abusing her position to reach the bestseller list.

And now, after a long court case, she is facing the penalty for what she’s done.

From Fox News:

Catherine Pugh, a former mayor of Baltimore, was sentenced to three years in prison Thursday following her conviction on federal tax evasion and conspiracy charges related to the sale of her “Healthy Holly” books to help fund a political career…

Pugh was ordered to pay restitution of $400,000 to the University of Maryland Medical System and nearly $12,000 to the Maryland Auto Insurance Fund… The former mayor also must forfeit nearly $670,000 and $17,800 in her campaign account. All copies of “Healthy Holly” books in government custody will be destroyed.

Wow. Talk about some hard justice!

After being found guilty of conspiracy and other charges, Pugh was sentenced to three years in prison.

In addition, she will have to pay nearly 1 million in penalties. She will forfeit big bucks and her books will be destroyed.

The jail time and fines are pretty typical. But the book destroying? Talk about justice with a vengeance!

That’s the court’s way of showing, in a very literal sense, how much they condemn this Democrat’s actions.

It’s not as if she’d try to sell those books again (we think). But destroying them lets everyone know that if you break the law, it’ll hurt.

Perhaps Pugh will consider the error of her ways while doing time? Public service was once viewed as a duty by our Founding Fathers.

Today, far too many career politicians think of it as a fast lane to fame and fortune.

Some of them break the law to get there.

Hopefully, Pugh’s story will be a wakeup call to all swamp dwellers?

If not, then they might suffer the same fate.

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