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After Bernie Surges Into The Lead – He Finds Out Democrat Superdelegates Are Lined Up Against Him

Bernie Sanders once tasted a primary defeat—and it just might happen again.

From the very start of the 2016 primaries, the Democrats were working against him. The DNC bent over backwards to foil his campaign.

And they handed Hillary Clinton an easy win.

This time, Bernie has been scooping up early delegates. And the left is panicking.

There are still numerous rivals running against him. They just might snag enough delegates to deprive him of the magic number to take it outright.

The bad news: the superdelegates aren’t eager to help him out.

From Biz Pac Review:

As it stands, if Sanders lacks the delegates needed to win during the Democrat National Committee’s first ballot or vote in July, the nomination process will enter into a second-round during which superdelegates will possess the power to pick the nominee.

The problem for Sanders is that, like many other Democrats, an “overwhelming” majority of superdelegates reportedly oppose his accession to the throne.

Ouch. According to reports, Democrat superdelegates will not support Bernie Sanders at a brokered convention.

If Sanders can’t secure the victory before July, the nomination comes down to the party leaders.

You’d think they’d just give their votes to the candidates leading at the time. Not so fast.

We know that Democrats fear Sanders’ far-left agenda. They don’t seem to believe he can beat Trump in a head-to-head race.

So, if it comes down to a split convention, they might throw Sanders to the curb.

How do you think his supporters will feel about that?

Sanders’ people are diehard backers. Plus, he seems to be winning over many liberal voters across the country.

It might not work out for the party if they ditch him for a “safe” candidate like Biden or Bloomberg.

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