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Hollywood Star Lets Trump Sabotage Plan Slip – She Wants To Beat Donald By Shutting Down Economy On Monday

Democrats are doing whatever they can to defeat Trump in 2020. We’ve seen what great lengths they’ll go to do it. Including a disastrous impeachment flop.

You’d think they would have learned, but no.

The best they can offer for their 2020 races is an old socialist named Bernie Sanders.

His radical plans for America would wipe out two centuries of freedom and prosperity.

Good luck selling that to the public!

But that’s okay, but a Hollywood celebrity has a plan that will really torch Trump.

From Daily Wire:

Patricia Arquette, who describes herself on her Twitter page as “actress — activist — troublemaker,” is calling for Americans to conduct a one-day economic shutdown in order to damage the U.S. economy and hurt President Trump…

She told her 146,000 followers not to make any purchases for a 24-hour period.

Uh-what? Patricia Arquette is urging her followers not to spend any money for 24-hours on March 2.

Apparently, this will so cripple the economy that Trump will lose in November.

That’s an air-tight plan, Patricia! As good as any we’re seeing from the left.

First of all, how is not spending on one day going to so wreck the economy that it would hurt Trump?

Psst… hey Patricia! You’re telling everyone that you’re behind it. If by some strange miracle people do not spend on March 2, we know it won’t be Trump’s fault.

It’ll be yours.

And if everyone goes back to spending the next day… how did that shut down the economy?

You do realize that people need things like bread and gas and underwear, right?

Aside from that, it’s pretty sick that this rich celebrity actually wants to hurt our economy.

She’d rather see parents lose their jobs, companies go bankrupt, and people get kicked out of their houses… than see Trump re-elected.

Talk about getting your priorities out of whack!

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